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 Testing rules and results

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Exam Proctor
Exam Proctor

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PostSubject: Testing rules and results   Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:38 pm

This is where you can go to see your test scores and determine what dorm you go in.

If you like to retest for any reason there will be a 2 week wait period.

Testing works in 3 fields and will counted in a 3 point system. (0-3 in each field)

Let me break down what these fields are....


In this field you will be judge on your deck style. If your deck is unique and/or unusual and still works great will get you an higher score, but if lets say you use a deck thats seen alot or way over used like Dark Worlds will give you a lower rank and could even effect play style rank as well.


In this field you will be judge on your card play and combos you master and even get out of tight jams from opponent tough to over come fields. It will also look at how effectively you can control your hand and field, your foresight to read your opponents moves and predict what they will do next so you can be ready to counter. (for example, player has a facedown and you noticed he never used it since he first placed it, you think its mirror force since you realized you never launched an attack since it was placed so you play counter measures like starlight road to save you)


In this field we will look at your knowledge and understanding in card rulings and plays.

The testing will work like this...

We will have 3 duels

During each duel the tester will use 3 random "test" decks

The person taking the test must at least use two different decks.


To determine you dorm room you will look at your point system

If you add up the points from the 3 test fields you can then look at the scale to see your dorm.

0 points- No dorm and must retest again in 2 weeks

1-5 points- Hero's Risin

6-7 points- Beast'srampage

8-9 points- Lights Awkening
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Testing rules and results
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